Completed Events

Training of selected teachers in Europe and Asia (October – December 2021) : WP 2

During the curriculum development training, the production of course descriptors and syllabi are taking place parallelly. 5 trainings of trainer’s program were scheduled in Asia and Europe. However, due to COVID pandemic physical trainings scheduled in Asia and in Europe has been postponed. In order to compensate for the time loss due to covid, the training is being carried out virtually via cloud video-conferencing platform, so that more teachers and specialists can benefit from the train-the-trainer sessions. Once, the traveling restrictions are removed the physical training will take place. TT1 in Medan on Sport and Nutrition I, TT2 in Peradeniya on Sport and Nutrition II, TT3 in Bangalore on Physical Education and Prevention of NCDs, TT4 in Valencia on Sport Management, and TT5 in Bogor on Sport and inclusive education.

Training on VLE by UNIC (SEPT, NOV 2021)

WP3.1 is designed to elaborate 4 LLL modules for sport organizations, NGOs, schools and other interested parties to promote inclusive practices and healthy habits. Suggested modules are the following: Sport management for inclusive practices Volunteering management and fundraising Social psychology Sports and Exercise Nutrition These modules may be modified or increased depending on results of survey with feedback from sport entities and external stakeholders.

UNIC will train specialists to convert these courses into model platform or similar VLE. This is a way to embed modern methodologies and pedagogies to practitioners in sport and event management and other actors of society. The goal of these courses is two-fold. They can be integrated as part of curricula and they can be offered as part of lifelong learning programs for nonacademic population. Likewise, they will contribute to reinforce the cooperation university with local communities as part of their role as inclusive universities. With the transferrable curriculum participants can receive a certificate indicating the learning outcomes obtained. Short modules would correspond to the equivalent of 3-4 ECTS. We expect the LLL programs enhance the capacity of sport managers, physical educators, youth agencies, NGOs to learn how to promote inclusion and health through sport and physical activities and events.

Round tables, job fairs, participation in sport events to raise awareness of benefits of sport and healthy lifestyle. (NOV, DEC 2021)

In order to disseminate the project results, periodic newsletters will be published on a semester basis with easy access and open to all through the website can be downloaded by any person interested in the project. Edulab will be in charge of this task. At least three dissemination events will take place nationally or internationally every year. SPIRIT days will be organized by sport clubs locally to promote sport for inclusion. Trips for annual conferences will be combined with project management and development activities. Additionally, from year 2 the partners will start a recruiting campaign for enrolment in new/updated courses with corresponding marketing materials.

Curriculum development strategy meeting for selected modular courses (DEC 2021)

After the analysis and design phase in WP1 this package prepares specialists in developing the syllabi for the modules defined in the WP description. During this period accreditation and validation procedures will take place. All new/updated courses and programs should be started before the piloting phase and approved during the piloting phase. Examples of equipment to purchase during year 1 and 2 are: Treadmills, dumbbells and bars, tracking devices, sport physiology labs breath analyzer hi-tech measuring scale (weight, height, balance, body fat, etc.) Disabled sport equipment: Wheelchair, Parallel bars; HR monitors, Ergometers, Blood pressure machine, items for blood tests, etc. For classrooms: Pcs and laptops and Projector.


  • Development and maintenance of project website (UPDATION). (MAY 2021- DEC 2021)
  • Communication and coordination day-by-day. (MAY 2021- DEC 2021)
  • Financial and administrative management and project reporting (MAY 2021 – DEC 2021)
  • Monthly project progress meeting
  • Internal quality control of the project (JUNE, SEPT, DEC 2021)